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Ducted Split System

LEE'SHeating and Cooling are experts in providing Ducted Reverse Cycle air-conditioning systems. We can supply a Ducted Split System for almost any home or commercial application in Johannesburg. Carrying major brands such as Samsung, Airwell, Hitachi and Temperzone, we have a professional reputation when it comes to supplying, installing and commissioning a full ducted reverse cycle split system. A Ducted Split System is a great choice for people who want to heat or cool their home by managing airflow using a ‘zoned’ system.

All Domestic installations of a Ducted Split Air Conditioner by Plum Heating and Cooling come with a 5 year parts and labour warranty, along with a 6 year Electrical & Plumbing Connection Warranty.
Please see in store in regards to warranty periods for Commercial Ducted Split Systems.

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How They Work

A Ducted Split is an air-conditioning system that uses ductwork inside the roof or under the floor to distribute air throughout the house. It comprises of an Indoor Unit and an Outdoor Compressor, much like a Split System.

The Ducted Split indoor unit is placed on the inside of the house, either under your floor or inside your ceiling, and is connected to the outdoor unit. The indoor unit distributes the air through the area it is installed in via strategically placed outlets throughout your home.

A Ducted Split air-conditioning system is able to heat or cool certain areas of your home using a zoning method, or the entire house at one single time for smaller homes (19sq – 25sq approx).


-  Cheaper to install a full Ducted Split System than Wall Mounted Split Systems in every room.

-  Four seasons heating and cooling – The Ducted Reverse Cycle System provides you with both heating and cooling, so you can be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

-  Ability to have zones – heat or cool the rooms of your choice

-  FULL home solution.

Zone Information

Similar to a Ducted Heating System, a Ducted Split has the ability to be ‘zoned’. A zone allows you to turn off certain areas of the system when not in use, in order to save power and money. A zone can be your bedroom areas, living room, bathroom or any combination of rooms that you desire.

Typically, you need to have a ‘Common Zone’ on your Ducted Split System. This common zone is an area that is always on, to prevent any damage to a ducted reverse cycle unit if all the zones are accidently turned off. However, we now offer the choice of a new ‘Comfort Home Controller System’, where the system uses a ‘relief zone’ if all the zones are turned off. This means that you can now disregard a common zone, and turn your rooms on and off as you please, in any combination.


Prices on a Ducted Split depends on the size of the house, zoning requirements and controller requirements. To receive a quote on the most appropriate system for your home, fill out the form at the top of this page, or alternatively click here to upload your details along with your house plans and one of our friendly staff will be in contact with you shortly.