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Ducted Heating South Africa
LEE's Heating and Cooling are the specialists across South Africa when it comes to gas Ducted Heating. Ducted Heating is the most cost effective and natural way to heat your entire home. We primarily deal with the BRAEMAR range of ducted heating systems due to their high standard of quality, efficiency and reliability. Our personally selected range of systems will ensure any size home is perfectly equipped to handle the coldest of winter days.

All Domestic installations of a Gas ducted heating system by LEE's Heating and Cooling come with a 5 year parts and labour warranty, along with a 6 year Electrical & Plumbing Connection Warranty.

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How It Works

Much like a Ducted Split System, a gas ducted heater can be installed either in the ceiling (ceiling downjets) or under the floor (floor registers), depending on the build of your home. A ducted heater also has the ability to have zone control, which means that you can turn off areas that are not in use and save money on your next gas bill.


  • Gas Ducted Heating is the cheapest whole home heating solution.
  • Ability to have zones (4* Units and above) – Heat only the rooms you are using.
  • High Star Rating @ 3.7 (TH3* Series), 4.7 (TH4* Series) 5.6 (TH5* Series) & 6.0 (THM6* Series).
  • THM6* Series unit is the only 6 Star rated unit on the market.
  • Entire home heating solution. No pilot lights or open flames.
  • Can be paired with Add-On Cooling at a later stage if required (must be specially configured during initial installation for this benefit).

Zone Information

A ducted heating system has the ability to be ‘Zoned’. A zone allows you to turn off certain areas of the system when not in use, in order to save power and running costs. A zone can be your bedroom areas, living room, bathroom or any combination of rooms that you desire.

In order to be able to use your zones, you need to have a ‘Common Zone’ on your system. This common zone is an area that is always on, to be able to prevent any damage to the heating unit if all the zones are accidently turned off.

The Braemar TH3* Series of Gas Ducted Heaters does not have the ability to be zoned.
The Braemar TH4*, TH5* & TH6* Series of Gas Ducted Heaters do have the ability to be zoned (Up to 4 Zones).


Prices on a Ducted Heating System depend on the size of the house, zoning requirements and controller requirements. To receive a quote on the most appropriate system for your home, fill out the form at the top of this page, or alternatively click here to upload your details along with your house plans and one of our friendly staff will be in contact with you shortly.